Patient Information Videos: National Centre for Mental Health and Deafness

23 Feb

We’ve just started filming a series of patient information videos at the National Centre for Mental Health and Deafness at the John Denmark Unit,  Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust in Prestwich.

The service provides a comprehensive Mental Health Service to deaf people of all ages who may experience emotional/behavioural issues, personality difficulties, drug and alcohol abuse, learning difficulties and many more. The service provides in-patient, day-patient, outpatient and community based services care.

The videos will have an ‘in-vision’ signer (signing British Sign Language), subtitles and voice-over narration and will include relevant information to patients coming to the unit for the first time and for them while they’re staying there.

We’re planning about four days of filming which will include filming two members of staff signing to camera in front of our portable green screen and lighting.  We expect then eight days of editing.  the videos will include, title screens with signer, subtitles and signer, role plays and cut-away footage.  Title screens and text will be suitable for people who are visually impaired and the videos will be narrated so that are as accessible as possible for anyone who watches them.

We’ll keep you posted on progress.


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